Chicago-Quad Cities Route Included in Governors' Midwest Rail Plan

Eight Midwest Governors and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to coordinate applications for the Chicago Hub High Speed Rail Corridor (Midwest Corridor) to the Federal Railroad Administration for ARRA stimulus funding.  The governors from Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin met at the Midwest High Speed Rail Summit on July 27th to formalize the agreement and determine routes to be included in the agreed upon Midwest Corridor.  The Quad Cities route was included!

According to the MOU, "participants recognize a priority to establish high-speed rail service from the Chicago Hub to corridors consisting of Chicago-St. Louis, Chicago to Milwaukee-Madison, and Chicago to Detroit-Pontiac, that would form a high-speed hub in the heart of the nation with high-speed and conventional passenger train service connections radiating to seven other Midwestern states and beyond:

  • Connecting to the West to Quad Cities, Iowa City, Des Moines, and Omaha;

  • Connecting to the East by way of Indiana with the Ohio network and service to Toledo and the 3C Corridor: Cleveland-Columbus-Dayton-Cincinnati;

  • Connecting to the Southeast to Indianapolis and Cincinnati;

  • Connecting to the Northeast to Grand Rapids/Holland and Port Huron, Michigan;

  • Connecting to the North to Green Bay, Wisconsin;

  • Connecting to the Southwest and West through St. Louis to Kansas City, Missouri;

  • Connecting to the Northwest to the Twin Cities of Minnesota;

  • Connecting to the South to Carbondale, Illinois;

  • Connecting to the West to Quincy, Illinois.

As a result of the Midwest High Speed Rail Summit, the Midwest governors have agreed to provide "a single advocacy voice in support of the region's collective high-speed rail priorities.  The states will "coordinate and cooperate fully in support of each MOU Participant's individual state applications for high speed and intercity rail funding."  Read the full multi-state MOU document.

QC Rail appreciates the leadership of U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, Governor Pat Quinn, and Mayor Richard Daley for organizing the Midwest High Speed Rail Summit.

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