Illinois Passes an Additional $400 Million for High Speed Rail 

Governor Pat Quinn

Speaker Michael Madigan

Senate President 
John Cullerton

House Minority Leader 
Tom Cross

Senate Minority Leader 
Christine Radogno

On the last day of session, the Illinois Legislature responded to the skyrocketing demand for passenger rail service by passing an additional $400 million for high speed rail.  This $400 million will likely be directed to the Chicago to St. Louis corridor, which would free up the previous $150 million allocated in the capital bill for upgrades to existing routes and expanding service on new routes like the Quad Cities.  Thanks to the leadership of Governor Pat Quinn, Speaker Madigan, Senate President John Cullerton, Rail Caucus Chair Elaine Nekritz, and all of the QC Rail supporters who called their legislators.  Quad City area legislators Rep. Pat Verschoore, Rep. Mike Boland, and Sen. Mike Jacobs voted in favor of the funding.

But, there's a catch.  Because the legislature failed to pass an operating budget to address Illinois' structural deficit, Governor Quinn is threatening to not sign the Capital Bill.  Governor Quinn has 90 days to sign or veto the bill before it automatically becomes law  - So stay tuned.    

Your Advocacy Continues to Make the Difference

Let Governor Quinn and legislative leaders know that you want them to find a compromise that will let the capital bill, and Quad Cities Amtrak service, become a reality.  

Governor Pat Quinn:
(217) 782-0244

Speaker Michael Madigan:
(217) 782-5350

Senate President John Cullerton:
(217) 782-2728

House Minority Leader Tom Cross:
(217) 782-1331

Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno:
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