Quad Cities Amtrak Station Location Announced

Moline's Centre Station, located on River Drive across from the i Wireless Center in downtown Moline, has been recommended as the Quad Cities Amtrak Station. Based on this recommendation, the proposed Quad Cities Amtrak route would start at Centre Station and end at Chicago's Union Station.

This station recommendation is part of a recently completed Metropolitan Rail Study, which was conducted over the past year through an IL DOT grant. On Tuesday, December 2nd, the Moline City Council unanimously agreed to accept the findings and recommendations of the Metropolitan Rail Study. As a result, the City of Moline will move forward in developing plans for the Quad Cities Amtrak Station to be located at Centre Station.
The Metropolitan Rail Study was conducted by Hanson Professional Services and Stanley Consultants.  In developing this objective station recommendation the consultants established consistent evaluation criteria that was agreed to by the study's Advisory Committee prior to the analysis being performed. A total of eight potential sites were evaluated based on their respective ability to service population centers of the Quad Cities, proximity to safe, well-lighted areas adjacent to pedestrian and vehicle corridors (which include restaurants, shops, entertainment, residential or college campuses), capability to serve as a regional intermodal transportation terminal, location near the local primary road system with efficient bridge access, and potential for appropriately sized facilities and parking. 

"The Quad Cities Passenger Rail Coalition is unified in support of the recommended Quad Cities Amtrak Station," stated Paul Rumler, Executive Director of the Quad Cities Passenger Rail Coalition. "This station recommendation is a major milestone in the effort to restore passenger rail service to the Quad Cities. We now have a preferred route from the Quad Cities to Chicago, a recommended Quad Cities Amtrak Station location, and detailed studies showing that service is feasible. QC Railís advocacy effort to fund Quad Cities Amtrak service continues to generate a lot of momentum. We look forward to working with the City of Moline, Amtrak, IDOT, host railroads, QC Rail supporters, and our elected officials to make this station and route a reality."
In addition to adding a much needed transportation option, Quad Cities Amtrak service is estimated to generate 550-825 new jobs, increase household income by $11-16 million, and increase property values by $52-77 million. An Amtrak feasibility study completed in January 2008 determined that over 110,000 passengers would use the Quad Cities to Chicago service annually. 

"Restored passenger rail service will have a positive impact on the entire Quad City region's economy," said Jim Bohnsack, Chairman of the Quad Cities Passenger Rail Coalition. "Passengers will get on and off a train at the Quad Cities Amtrak Station in Moline and the Quad Cities as a whole can benefit from the resulting increased tourism, business activity, residential growth, and economic growth. This station recommendation is an exciting accomplishment for the Quad Cities."

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